It may be strange to believe that a town with only five primary schools and one high school is in fact home to a University. Every year over a thousand new students come to Falmouth to take their next step on the education ladder and begin their life away from home.

Woodlane is home to one of the University campuses with the other being located at the Combined Universities in Cornwall campus at Tremough, Penryn, but in general, students decide to use the town centre of Falmouth as the main hunting ground for their outgoing productivity.

A Creative institution

The University of Falmouth specialises in multiple creative arts which is very fitting of the town’s strong artistic heritage. Lecturers and lead figures at the University encourage the students to step away from conventional thought and instead use their inventive minds to rethink convention and imprint their own ideas on the challenges set before them.

Cornwall is recognised from an international perspective as a County that truly appreciates all forms of art. Falmouth is an area that welcomes all art enthusiasts and there are art galleries and a picture house within the town, which are particularly popular hotspots for the art community.

Specialist courses at the University include Creative Advertising, Drawing, Film and TV, and Creative Writing. As you can see once again, the University brings a unique set of courses, whether it is undergraduate or postgraduate, that encourage creative productivity and allows its students to think outside the box in relation to conventional thought.

What a location!

There is a very unique atmosphere that surrounds the University, where creative minds look to imprint there originality into their work and social encounters. It is a place where being different is a positive thing, and as time goes on, students will be given the perfect platform to solidify their creative integrity.  Students will be helped along the way by the head figures and lecturers at the University, but overall, it will be a fearless approach to experimenting, tinkering and questioning numerous theories and ideas that will see students succeed at the University.

Falmouth as a town has the perfect setting for young adults to gain their independence. There are many bars, pubs and eateries around the area and gives the students the opportunity to get out and meet fellow students and the locals of the area. Drinking and eating is not the only entertainment the town offers, there are also beaches for students staying over the summer and as mentioned before, there are a number of art galleries and a Maritime Museum where they can go to learn about the town’s history and heritage.

The towns peaceful and chilled out atmosphere is the perfect way to combat any stress that comes a student’s way during their studies, and even though University life isn’t as stress free as they’d like, the surroundings offer the students an escape from insecurity and any fears they have.

For the past 100 years, Falmouth University has been encouraging creative productivity amongst its students, and now with the courses at their most unique, the University are looking to bring through a new generation of creative talent.