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Image Source- Girts Gailans (Leadbitter)

Image Source- Girts Gailans (Leadbitter)

Within the next month, Falmouth is preparing itself for the influx of new students that will be joining the town’s university.

With the vast majority of university results yet to be released, the University is still expecting a large incoming of new faces before the end of September, with the University unbelievably popular amongst the creative arts community.

The town’s appreciation of the creative arts is a major reflection of the courses on offer at the University, with many recognising the establishment as a new breed of University in the United Kingdom. However, there will be many other students who will be joining this summer that will be doing courses based around the subjects of Cultural Management and Production, and Business Management.

This newly found creative environment status has allowed the art and crafts industry to enhance in Falmouth which means that there are galleries, a picture house and numerous independently owned music and book stores for the students to enjoy.

The biggest social draw that Falmouth has to offer the students however is the beaches, and with winter not so far away, there won’t be much time to go out and explore what the beaches have to offer. Surfers though still have a bit of time to catch the waves and year on year students that relocate to Falmouth decide to take it up as a hobby as it’s a unique thing to participate in, in the United Kingdom in particular.

For anyone who has yet to make a decision on what they are doing next year, we highly recommend that the University of Falmouth would be the perfect platform for anybody that wants to be surrounded by a passionate and creative community who are not afraid to explore their artistic capabilities. For those of you who have already set your sights on Falmouth…..See you in September!


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