Sea Life

Sea Life

Falmouth has an unbelievably strong attachment to the sea and this alone is enough to encourage holiday goers to return to the town year after year.

Falmouth’s sea has an incredibly rich history, most notably being the start and end point for 2 sailing world records. Firstly, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson became the first person to sail non-stop around the world, single handily, only for Dame Ellen Macarthur to eventually better the feat in 2007 by conquering the challenge with a quicker completion time than her predecessor.

The reputation of Falmouth’s seas has not only been built by sailings achievements however, as the town is home to the world’s 3rd deepest harbour, the deepest in Western Europe and is arguably its most popular landmark. Falmouth’s docks are the major contributor to the town’s economy, despite the lack of maritime activity nowadays, but it still is used predominately to import and export cargo.

The Maritime Museum Cornwall

The Maritime Museum Cornwall was built in 1992 and ever since it has been giving both locals and tourists a greater understanding of boating and how this industry has impacted on Cornwall as a region. The museum is located on the harbour side in Falmouth and welcomes boat enthusiasts from all over the world, all year round, and teaches its audience the in-depth and enthralling maritime history of the region.

As managers of the National Small Boat Collection, a collection formally held in the Greenwich Maritime Museum, the museum has a large number of boats on display including the Waterlily, Fricka, Thunder and Lightning and the Wanderer-W48, names that will surely be recognised by passionate boat enthusiasts.

Throughout the rest of the museum there are a large number of galleries and exhibitions, some permanent, some temporary, as well as a gift shop and harbour side café, and is certainly a full day of entertainment with plenty to see and do!

Get stuck in yourself!

What’s so brilliant about sea life in Falmouth is the fact you get the chance to experience it yourself. Obviously summer is the most popular time for sea based activity, however, all year round there are a number of marine schools that specialise in teaching people to sail. Clearly this isn’t possible for any short term visitors to the town, so in that sense we would recommend hiring out a boat, or in more lavish circumstances a yacht and setting sail on the ocean.

If you are looking for a cheaper option however, then we recommend you get out the surfboard and hit the waves. Not the smartest idea in freezing conditions, surfboarding however is not usually whether dependant and this is a way how you can enjoy the sea in all seasons.