Falmouth- The Home of Unconventional Accommodation

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Image Source- Falmouth Holiday Homes

Image Source- Falmouth Holiday Homes

A lot of research goes behind preparing the perfect holiday, and when you are planning a stay in Falmouth, you need to get deep into your preparation early as there is such a great abundance of events, activities and places to visit.

Deep research is also required when choosing your accommodation in Falmouth, as it offers an extraordinary range of places to stay.

Yes, like everywhere else in the United Kingdom, Falmouth has a number of Hotel’s and B&B’S but the range doesn’t end there as it is also home to Hostel’s and lodges, Holiday Parks, and Farm stays.

Now, we’d recommend that a farm stay is essential, even for just one evening as not many places across the United Kingdom will offer you the opportunity of experiencing the countryside in such a manner. Also, from a financial aspect, it is a cheap accommodation solution, but don’t let its prices put you off, because they will revolutionise the way you think about holiday accommodation. Expensive usually represents the level of luxury, but a farm stay represents relaxation and serenity.

The destinations of these farm stays are not too far from the town centre, but we do recommend that should only stay outside the town centre if you have a mode of transport. Holiday parks that are in and around the town are also situated on farms, and have the same travel requirements.

We recommend one of these stays for any families who enjoy going out and meeting new people as the surroundings and activities on offer give you the perfect platform to do this. Once again it is very convenient for a small budget, but it offers you such a range of things to do which makes it a great value for money.

Finally, for visitor’s who are only planning a short stay, there are a few hostels and lodges for travellers within the town centre. We wouldn’t recommend these types of places for any visitors that plan on spending their whole time within the walls of their accommodation. Despite these places being quirky and comforting in their own way, they do not share the same resources and range of things to do as other forms of accommodation. What is brilliant about the lodges and hostels however is that they are unbelievably convenient and are within a few minutes’ walk of all Falmouth’s main tourist attractions and beaches.


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