Creative Community

The Creative Community

Falmouth’s identity is built not solely on its connection to the sea but in more recent times the town’s connection to the creative arts has seen it be identified as Cornwall’s capital of culture. The town’s love of creative arts has now been passed down to Falmouth’s new generation of students and the town’s talent pool has never been so full.

Falmouth Art Gallery

The Falmouth Art Gallery was established in 1978 and has been the main catalyst behind the town’s new wave art culture and the collections they have on display include works from Laura Knight, Thomas Gainsborough, John Singer Sargent, Alfred Munnings, Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy.

What makes the gallery such a popular hotspot isn’t just the art on display, but also that admission is FREE so there is no excuse to not visit during your stay. The gallery has been recognised by the Museums Awards for Excellence board, and has also been highly praised by The Guardian for their guests of any age policy.

Spark Festival

Some of the art on display in the Falmouth Art gallery has been created by previous participants in the Spark Festival which has become Falmouth’s most prestigious event in the past few years. The festival will be hosted from the 20th to 28th of September later on this year and its immense popularity will certainly mean that it will be returning for years and years to come. The festival’s aim is to encourage local artists to participate and enter in their own imaginative and creative work, whether it is in the form of drawing and video, 3D art and so on.

Many of the exhibitions are held in the Falmouth Art Gallery as already mentioned, but the festival is also an outdoor affair, where theatrical performances and poetry recitals will take place in the town’s streets and enthralling captivated audiences. The festival draws in visitors from all over, and this year we are due for another amazing 8 days.

The University

Falmouth University has recognised how the town is recognised as an artistic community and have reflected this within the courses on offer for the students. In the United Kingdom, the vast majority of Universities do not offer the same diverse options in the creative arts as Falmouth do.

There are numerous courses based around the following subjects:

  • Animation
  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • English & Writing
  • Film & TV
  • Graphic Design
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Theatre

The Poly Cinema

For over 175 years, The Poly Cinema has been showcasing the best movies in the independent film genre. A place that appreciates new and off the radar talent, The Poly’s intention is to promote innovation in the arts and much of the work that is broadcast and presented has a focus on the county of Cornwall. Films are not the only art form the cinema promotes; they also have performances in the form of comedy, dance, theatre and music, and are home to numerous gallery exhibitions throughout the year.